Big Data for FInancial Advisors to Generate Better Leads

In This FREE Video Training You'll Learn:

How to Get 3-5 New AUM Clients Every Month Like Clockwork

With ONE Game-Changing Technology

THAT DOESN'T Require Expensive Ad Budgets, Mailer Costs, or COI Marketing.

(and NO, IT'S NOT Facebook Ads, Leads, SEO, Direct Mail, Email Marketing, Websites, Social Media, Company Story Videos, or a New Training Course. This is Brand New.)

This is About The Next Big Disruptor in Financial Planning:

In this video we’ll show you a new technology that allows you to target hot, qualified prospects in your area who are in-market to hire an advisor… by name, address, email, phone, and more. 

Seriously, this allows you to market to PEOPLE - not demographics, zipcodes or people who "Like" something on Facebook.

Meaning you can now target REAL PEOPLE online or offline with any kind of marketing you want... because you now know WHO they are.

Imagine what it would do for your business if you could:

  • Fill seminars or webinars with qualified leads either online or offline.
  • Avoid all the lousy prospects just looking for a free meal.
  • Cut your advertising costs by 83% by removing the non-buyers.
  • And drive real, interested buyers to your website who were actually looking to hire a financial advisor...  

If you knew who was getting ready to hire a financial advisor (and could identify them by name) do you think you could get 3-5 of them to transfer their assets to you month after month like clockwork?  

This new technology is opening up a whole new paradigm for financial advisor marketing and this video explains everything in detail.  

Who This Can Help

Large RIA’s

A large RIA firm can benefit greatly from implementing this Technology. Fill an entire teams schedule full of highly qualified leads and grow faster than ever before.

Independent BD's

Independent broker dealers often have heavier compliance burdens, but this makes the process so much simpler, and easier to push through.

Solo RIA's

Want to make your job so much easier? Unlock systematic lead generation and build the kind of RIA that competes with the big boys. It all starts with consistent leads. 

Please Note: This is an exclusive ability available to 1 advisor in each area of the country. Learn more before someone else takes your spot. 

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