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What If You Could Directly Target the People Looking for a Financial Advisor?

Our exclusive data identifies prospects who fit the same search history as advisory clients right before they bought, and allows you to target them using digital and traditional methods. 

Better Targeting & Less Ad Spend = Maximum ROI 

Stop Wasting Money on The 99% Who Aren’t Interested 

InMarketAdvisor gives you the ability to reach an extremely targeted audience of in-market prospects so you can stop wasting your money on the 99% who aren’t “in-market”. 

The Future: Omni-Channel Marketing

Don’t get stuck relying on one channel, target your leads on all of them.  

Facebook, Youtube, Google, Display, AdRoll, Direct Mail, Email, or Phone we do it all.  

Don’t just target the Haystack: Target the needles.

Instead of spending 99% of your ad budget targeting people who aren’t interested, you now have the ability to only target the prospects who’ve been spending days, weeks or even months researching what to do with their finances, business or retirement planning. If you had a list of everyone in your market who was looking for a financial planner and we’re able to get your messaging in front of them everywhere they went – online or offline? Would that give you a competitive edge?  

How it works: We Find People Who Match Pre-Purchase Behavior.

Purchases always start with the same thing… Research. People who hire financial planners don’t wake up one day ready to hire a advisor. They research investment strategies, read article after article, and take time with the decision. We have access to a repository of almost 120+ Million records of traffic data committed by real, specific people in our database. This allows us to use a closed feedback loop analysis that finds the similar research trends people made before hiring an advisor. With our additional tracking codes we can fine tune and match up qualified prospects who meet the same history pattern as buyers. Every week we serve up lists of people who match the same buying behavior as your clients before they bought. Allowing you to market to an extremely targeted list of potential prospects.  

Machine Learning and AI: The Key to Making This Happen.

There is no way any human could analyze 50 Billion records of data that we get on a daily basis. By utilizing cutting edge AI and machine learning capabilities we’re able to create advanced algorithms that can analyze and sort through the data to find common threads and apply it to your marketing. By using our tracking pixel we can even fine tune the data further. Every lead from every advisor all over the country continues to make this system smarter and smarter. No ONE advisor could ever accomplish this alone.  

This is Exclusive

We don’t let advisors use the same data in their market. Be the one who captures a competitive edge before it’s too late.

Go Beyond Retargeting – Take Control Back from The Ad Platforms

There is one simple thing that ad platforms like Google and Facebook absolutely do NOT want. They do not want you to get targeting that’s good enough to eliminate the need for theirs. They’re best interest is to make sure you spend as much as possible to reach the needles in the haystacks. But when you control the data, you can stop being a slave to their targeting and rules.  

Break the Relevancy Achilles Heel


Ad platforms use relevancy to price your ads. Your Click Through Rate (CTR) and engagement levels will ultimately determine whether they deliver your ads at a fast pace or if they slow them down and make it more costly.


Facebook and other ad platforms want your ads to fall seamlessly within their platform. They don't want their users to have a bad "experience". If you're ads aren't relevant, they don't have a good experience.  



By only targeting people who ARE interested, it helps maximize relevancy and get higher CTR’s and lower cost per clicks (CPC). You'll get the leverage to make the ad platforms work FOR you, instead of against you.