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Hi, I’m Darren Hesselink owner of Energetic.

As someone with a track record of doubling businesses and building my own lead generation funnels that have taken me from a struggling agency owner to a thriving national firm with clients all over the country…

I know a thing or two about what really works.

But our mission is simple:
We’re the team you call when you want your business to stand out from the competition and build the kind of customer attracting funnels that truly move the needle on your bottom line.

And we take a different approach that most agencies out there.

We don’t waste our time focusing on fancy designs.

I don’t believe that design is really an issue with the multitude of web providers out there who can get a great looking website up in days. What it really comes down to is the system behind it all. Sure, design matters, but it’s not where you start – building a story that sells is the first step!

We don’t believe face to face is dead.

As much as building a digital presence is important, the truth is that it has to be the right presence for your industry. The system you build will be wildly different if it’s B2B, B2C, local or national and relying on generic “done for you strategies” isn’t enough.

We believe that a true multi-channel approach is the answer.

No angle is dead. I have clients who get leads on Facebook and LinkedIn, with face to face networking, and even direct mail. But the best strategies always end up combining all of these in some way or form. Digital marketing is evolving and just doing “ads” or blogging isn’t enough. Now it’s all about Multi-channel.

We believe that true success comes from a partnership – not full service.

Big companies can afford to hire giant, full-service agencies that do all the work but as a small business owner that typically isn’t possible. That’s why we focus on creating partnerships with businesses that need marketing help but also need to leverage themselves and their teams on execution.

That’s why we put skin in the game and work on performance.

We win, when you win.

What’s Really Missing: The Foundation

The foundation of every marketing system in existence is pretty much the same. And it’s the biggest thing I see business owners struggle with:

• What is your the target market,
• What message will attract your ideal customer.
• How will you get in front of people.

That’s why I believe so strongly that you need to focus first and foremost on getting into your customer’s heads, find out what they really want, fine-tune your approach, and then find a way to get in front of them at scale.

But most people skip this step and jump into huge ad spends, expensive websites, or hyped up strategies and wonder why it doesn’t work!

Without the foundation, you’re marketing on quick-sand…

Foundation First: Automation Second

Once the foundation is built and it’s been tested and verified to pull, then you start working on phase 2: automation.

The best and most impactful results happen when you automate as much of the process as possible so you can leverage your time and get the much-needed reach that’s key to scaling your business.

When you create an automated system for your business it will help you do 3 key things.

•  You’ll be able to attract new customers, patients, or clients into your business on autopilot and pre-qualify them so that you only meet with the ones you actually want to work with you.
•  You’ll be able to create clients on demand, allowing you to reach the income level you’ve always dreamed of.
•  And most importantly – you’ll have more time, allowing you freedom to live your life and not be a slave to your business.

You didn’t get into business so you could struggle with money, stress about getting new clients or work so much you don’t have a life.

That’s why I believe there are two things you need to master.

•  You need to learn how to attract customers with what you say, what you write, and what you promote.
•  You need to learn how to systemize it.

When our clients come to us they’re either fed up chasing after new clients or their business is running their life.

That’s why we focus on changing their perspective so they can focus their energies on creating the right tools and systems that will grow and scale their companies.

How excited would you be to double, triple or quadruple your business this year?

Can you imagine a life where you have the income to do whatever you want and the freedom to be with family and do the things you care about?

– –

If that sounds like you, then I’d like to invite you to learn more about my performance-based marketing services and see if we’re a good fit.

So, get started now and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Darren Hesselink