Read This if You Want to Build a Highly Profitable, Multi-Million Dollar E-Comm Brand That Allows You to Live Your Dream Life.

From the Desk of Darren Hesselink
Washington, MI

Dear Friend,

If you’re reading this then that means you’re interested in finding out what it is we do and how our strategic partnerships actually work.

I guess this is where I’m supposed to “sell” you on the idea, but frankly…

This isn’t for everyone.

I know, I know…

… that sounds like some slick sales tactic, but that’s not my goal here.

I say that because this is NOT going to be the right opportunity for many owners.

Mainly because I’m very picky who I work with and my unique partnership structure won’t work for certain types of people.

Which is exactly what I want.

I am only looking to partner with four more brand owners.

The RIGHT four brand owners to be exact.

Because after looking at my business structure, I suspect that four other partners won’t just maximize my revenue, but will more importantly maximize my time invested and not over tax my team.

A vital component for keeping them at superstar levels so they keep doing amazing work.

And I want to be completely transparent so that you understand how exactly this all works.

You see, the person I’m looking for already must believe that surrounding themselves with superstars—with the right incentives to go above and beyond for their brand—will catapult their success and help them grow their business….

…and that right now, they also are limited by their experience, skills & current team members.

They don’t have a system in place to scale and want to partner with someone who can come in and help them build it. Fast.

In the end what they really want is:

More Money, Less Stress & A PROVEN PATH.

And that’s what my next four partners are going to get.

As a result of working with me my current partner has generated Millions in sales and profits and is only set up to grow even further.

She has her dream house, dream car, and is living her best life.

And the multiple she makes on what she pays me is SIGNIFICANT. 💰💰💰

That is how my strategic partnerships work.

We get paid to grow the brand.

That’s it.

And if we don’t, I don’t get paid.

The way a partner should be.

When I take just as much risk as you it puts our goals in alignment. And fixes the typical “agency” model where they win no matter what happens.

But the higher the risk, the higher the reward.

Which is why I do get paid more in the long run.

But when you’re making 7 Figures a year I don’t think you’ll mind the investment. 👍🤷‍♂️

But why you would want to partner with me is because of…

…my experience, my systems, my unique ad approaches that make hefty returns, my long game approaches to content and building a community… And that’s just on the marketing side.

When you need to hire better people, structure your finances the right way to maximize profits, pay less in taxes, protect the business and more…

I am here to help you cut the line.

Whether it’s bringing in a my strategic HR coach or the tax expert I will recommend you work with (if you want to keep as much of what you make as possible) or building a team to revamp your advertising approach.

You’ll enjoy more money, less stress, and a proven path to your growth.

100% Confidence

And I am 100% confident.

After building a profitable multi-million dollar brand you learn quite a bit along the way.

You learn what works, what doesn’t and invaluable lessons that can supercharge growth.

And our new goal is different.

Now we’re slowly getting my partner removed from running the business more and more because we’re heavily investing into teams that can help us scale.

The goal is to get her to the point where she can sell the business for a great multiple…

…or sit at the top and only do tasks that get her excited & fulfill her.

That’s the goal I have for all my partners.

I want you to enjoy life and be super satisfied with what we’ve built together.

You will still work hard, struggle and have to work on yourself…

But you won’t have to do it all on your own anymore.

I’m An Amplifier

If we choose to work together it’s because I can come in and add my experience and systems to amplify your current momentum.

That’s my “magic potion” formula.

I take everything I’ve learned & super charge your growth.

A true win-win relationship.

How do I do it? By doing everything Different.

Right now in the E-comm space everyone is focused on all the wrong stuff and missing the biggest shift I see coming.

With Apple’s IOS privacy changes severely limiting advertising potential on Facebook and more it should be obvious that things are changing.

It’s time to come up with a massive owned media approach.

An approach that insulates you from advertising breakdown or a shift in ad platforms, while also making sure you’re investing into long term SEO plays that keep free, high converting traffic flowing into your site at all times.

To help you do that I take a simple approach.

I don’t come in a show you how to “hack” facebook ads or some other stupid gimmick that will fail in a few months.

I systematically build ONE key process into your business at a time that will amplify all the other systems that are already working well together.

Which is the exact opposite of what most people do.

I don’t give you a bunch of stuff to test out, just to stress you out even more.

Instead, I take the time to do a complete analysis of your brand. What you’re doing right, what’s wrong, what’s missing, and more.

For example, I look at the way you’re marketing your brand to figure out what’s the most profitable, what can be amplified, what’s missing & where we need to focus to get better results.

And I do that for your entire brand in a complete, 10,000 foot view.

And after all that work.

One Thing.

My team works with you to fix the biggest thing that can move your brand forward.

Like Keller talks about in the book “The One Thing”.

There is often one thing that needs to be focused on to give you the needed results you’re looking for.

Which is why we find it and unleash your entrepreneurial super powers & focus to fix it, while helping support you and work alongside you as we do it together.

No more guesswork.

No more winging it or shooting from the hip.

Systematic Growth…

…step by step.

Then we do it over and over again until we’ve built a complete MACHINE for your business.

That’s our “magic bullet” formula.

The net effect of this is a total transformation of your business and your life.

But I need to be clear about something, before we move forward.

The Long Game

This is one of the most important aspects to getting amazing results.

To get them, you’ll have to make a big shift.

You need to play the long game.

Totally transforming your business isn’t easy to pull off. Just because I can help reduce your stress doesn’t mean this will be “fairy tale” easy…

And I will need TIME.

In order for me to help you, I need to work with you for about a year at minimum and much longer realistically to help you hit your goals.

But the growth in your brand will be measurable and since we get paid based on store growth & total revenue, we only grow as fast as you so our goals are in alignment.

That said, there is a trial period in the beginning before we solidify an agreement and a few ways for us to part ways—that protect your interests—if the arrangement goes sour.

So don’t worry, both of us will be protected.

I even have a guarantee in the beginning so that if I don’t get measurable results implementing my initial methods, I will refund your money.

That’s how confident I am.

If you’re interested in working together…

This is Who I’m Looking For

If I choose to work with you it’s because you already have forward momentum and a great product.

I have to believe that your brand can reach $1 Million a month in revenue or higher.

Also, it means you’re not a newbie.

You know how to get your hands dirty and do the work.

It means you’re already reached a level of success with your brand but you want to leverage your time to scale as quickly as possible.

Because the challenge isn’t your work ethic.

The challenge is that you don’t have the complete system and don’t want to spend the next couple years figuring it out.

Not when it could be implemented in your business in a quarter of the time by someone like me.

That person also wants:

Someone Who Cares Just as Much About Their Brand As They Do.

When my current brand needs something “off menu” in terms of services, I build it.

When stuff doesn’t go right sometimes I eat my lunch, don’t make money, or have to take a pay cut (just like you).

But in the end it puts my interest in direct alignment with yours.

Which is why I only want to work with brands I believe in and people who I really like.

People who share my values.

Which which starts with a story about…

The Korean War

When my Dad was eight he lost his father.

During the Korean was he was taken prisoner. And after being held for nearly a year his body had changed.

When he came back the doctors said he “had the insides of an old man”.

Severe starvation, malnutrition, and beatings can do that.

So while he made it back to the states and ended up having 7 children. By the time my Dad turned 8, he passed away.

With 6 siblings, no life insurance and no income it really put them in a tight spot.

Welfare, food stamps you name it, they needed all the help they could get.

So the older boys went to work including my father.

They decided to cut lawns.

But before they started my other grandfather gave them this advice.

“When you ask to do someone’s lawn say that you’ll do it for free…

…and they can pay you what you’re worth.”

My father and his brothers did just that and made sure to go above and beyond on every lawn.

Because of that philosophy their results were amazing.

They were paid more than they were going to originally charge and were sent home with cokes, goodies, and candies which was a pretty big deal in those days.

Bringing me to our family creed.

“Always do more than what’s required and let the customer decide your worth.

It’s why my values are to put people first. 

I believe in integrity.

I believe in always doing the right thing, not being a jerk, and building people up, not breaking them down.

That’s the type of person I am and only work with people who believe the same & act the same.

If that resonates with you & you’re interested in learning more:

Here’s How it works.

First, as a growth partner I’ve built a network of superstars who can help you scale.

I’ll bring in media buyers, HR coaches to help you build a team, web developers, designers, a CPA who will help you maximize your businesses structure and spend less on taxes, all of it.

Because the key to growing your business is building a complete machine focused on 3 areas.

Sales & Marketing, Operations & Fulfillment, and Financial Management.

If you’ve ever read “Traction” by Wickman this will make sense.

Which goes way beyond what normal agencies do.

Yes, I think advertising and good creative matter, but more sales can break your business & bad financial management can be even worse.

The entire machine needs to work in concert for you to scale.

That’s where we come in.

The First Step: Clarity

Before we start fixing problems, we need to understand the complete picture.

Which starts with you and I.

I will work with you to learn exactly what your goals are, the current status of your business and get access to every system that currently is running your business so I can audit it’s effectiveness and find red flags & easy wins we can build on.

Think of it as a way of recovering all the building blocks we can use to help you get the specific results you want in your business.

The goal is for you to come away from this with a great sense of clarity and focus on where you are and what can be done to help you grow your business.

The Second Step: Taking Action

Now it’s time to fix everything one by one.

This is where I start building a team to support your business.

In the beginning, when we have less budget, I may only be able to start with one aspect, say an ads manager or an assistant to take tasks off your plate.

And I might even have to take over one of those things myself before I can bring in a team.

But I’ll fix it, and drive up revenue.

Then I’ll move on to the next.

Think of it like having a fractional time share of amazing, talented people coming in to your business to alleviate the stress & allow you to live in your area of genius.

That’s how we’ll operate in the beginning.

As you grow your monthly revenue, things will change.

We’ll hire key people where needed to work in your business full time. 

We keep doing this over and over again until you hit 7 figures and beyond.

That’s what I did for my current partner.

But now, as I transition my team in to replace me, it’s why I am looking for four more people to work with.

And since I partner with my clients over the long-haul, I don’t just disappear after we’re done.

My goal is to become a trusted partner in your business.

Eventually becoming a co-visionary or co-implementor that allows you to duplicate yourself without giving up equity.

Sure I work on performance and take “ownership” of your company. But you still maintain complete control & ownership on paper.

But I will say we. I will say our company because that’s the kind of commitment you need from someone like me.

I need to be 100% invested.

It’s a win-win-win type of relationship.

You win, I win, and your customers & team wins.

That’s how we add value & stop the leaches from latching on to your business & bleeding it dry.

Here’s some of our areas of focus:

  • Maximize your organic, paid, & halo traffic.
  • Build the backend of your funnel to maximize new customers, repeat purchasers, and cross-sells.
  • Maximize website conversion rates.
  • Helping you build an overall financial strategy for what to do as you grow & expand. My background in finance comes in handy for helping you know what to do with your winnings.
  • Track every piece of traffic coming into your business so we know where profit & waste is coming from.
  • Building reports and tracking systems so you know where you stand on a weekly basis and can quickly identify weaknesses before they become issues.
  • Bringing in my CPA to find huge tax incentives, strategies and more that puts money in your pocket today for reinvestment, expansion, or building your freedom fund.
  • Build a team so you don’t have to work 80 hour weeks and still take home a nice hefty profit – eventually getting you to a 7 Figure+ yearly income.
  • And more.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg and what I have already done for my current partner.

Now I’m ready to do it for four of the right people.


Before we talk, let me be brutally honest:

This is expensive.

But in the long run it’s not.

In the beginning your profit & revenue will go to one thing alone. Maximizing your future growth.

And that’s why this is only right for people who want to build a brand with 10-20+ year staying power that they can eventually sell or run their entire lives and pass on to their families.

If you are trying to take home a 30-40% profit when you’re in the growth phase it will take 10 times longer to grow (if at all) and put too much risk on your business.

If you don’t shore up your finances correctly and take too much off the top it will show and eventually be your downfall.

So when I say it’s expensive, it is, because we will make sure that the percentages for each operation are allocated correctly to each area.

The right amount for Ads & creative

The right amount for your team.

The right amount for overhead & cost of goods sold.

The right amount for taxes, reinvestment, inventory, and take home pay & profit.

All built to maximize the long game.

Which is the eventual goal of making a 7 figure income & running a business that does’t take over your life.

The American dream.

But I am selective on who I work with.

Who Can Work With Me?

You don’t have to be a seven figure business already but you DO have to have significant momentum.

Multiple five figure monthly revenue and the willingness to grow to seven figures or higher.

I only work with champions.  People who are the best in their field, want to grow, have big aspirations, and want to surround themselves with other winners and leaders.

If that sounds like you then I welcome you to apply.

Here’s How To Apply

At the bottom of this letter you’ll see a form.

After you fill it out, I’ll review it personally.

If I think we “might” be a good fit, I’ll reach out to you and schedule a quick 30 minute phone call so I can answer your questions, get an idea if we resonate well with each other, and find out if I think I can get you big wins.

Assuming we both think we’re a good fit, we’ll then schedule as many meetings as it takes to finalize how our arrangement will work and if we want to move forward.

If I think you’re a good fit and you think I’m a good fit. We’ll agree to create a strategic partnership and we’ll start working together to achieve your goals.

Ready to see if we’re a match?

If you feel like this is right for you, fill out the application below